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Fun Fact

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Hello Everyone, Kathy here with another FUN FACT: At the time of the impact here at Meteor Crater, animals such as mamoths, sloths, bison and camels roamed leisurely amongst the rolling hills and woodlands. The giant 20′ plus wingspan Teratorns flew in the skys above the yet to be named

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History Fact: Danel Barringer (Geologist)

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Hello Everyone, Kathy here with a History Fact:  In 1902 Daniel Barringer learned of the existence of a large (1.5 km in diameter) crater, located 35 miles east of Flagstaff, Arizona.  The crater, known as Coon Mountain, had previously been studied by the chief U.S.G.S.  geologist Grove Karl Gilbert in

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Barringer Meteor Crater – Part 2 Investigating a Mystery

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Hello Everyone, Kathy here with Part 2 of the Barringer Meteor Crater, Investigating a Mystery.  Although meteorite falls had been observed for hundreds of years, until the twentieth century no one had ever identified a crater created by a meteorite.  Most scientists rejected the possibility of such a crater, believing

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Barringer Meteor Crater – Part 1 A Crater is Born

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Hello Everyone, Kathy here, 50,000 years ago, a giant fireball streaked across the North American sky.  At its core was a meteorite – a chunk of nickel iron about 150 feet (50 meters) wide.  THE METEORITE weighed 300,000 tons and traveled at a speed of 26,000 mph (12 kilometers per second). 

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History Fact: Extraterrestrial Impact

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Hello Everyone, Kathy here with a History Fact:  Did you know that it was not until 1960 that later research by Eugene Merle Shoemaker confirmed Barringer’s hypothesis.  The key discovery was the presence in the crater of the minerals coesite and stishovite, rare forms of silica found only where quartz-bearing

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quartzsite booth

Quartzsite, AZ

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Hello everyone, Kathy here.  Meteor Crater RV Park is currently attending the 31st Annual Quartzsite  Sports, Vacation and RV show in Quartzsite AZ.  Jim and Bunny, our RV Park managers, are staffing the booth.   Stop by our booth and have a chat with them.  Who knows they might let you

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