Interactive Discovery Center

The Meteor Crater Interactive Discovery Center contains many exciting displays and exhibits, making it the most extensive and informative museum of its type on earth. 50,000 years ago a giant meteor weighing several hundred thousand tons traveled through space and impacted Earth. Visitors to the center will relive the intensity of this impact. The wide range of exhibits will fascinate and educate everyone on the aspects of meteors and their encounters with earth.


These twenty-four exciting exhibits comprise the most extensive and informative museum of its type on planet earth.


A Russian Mystery ~ What was the blinding fireball that streaked across the Siberian sky in 1908 with an impact that sent shock waves around the world and was heard 600 miles away?

Collision & Impact ~ The Holsinger Meteorite displayed is the largest fragment of the 150-foot meteor ever found.

Who’s Who in the Night Sky ~ Identifies objects traveling through space. What’s the difference between asteroids, comets, meteoroids, meteors and meteorites?

Stars Fell on Alabama ~ Depicts 8-1/2 pound meteorite that crashed through the roof of home and strikes woman. The only documented event of its type.

Crater Perspectives ~ Three minute narration about Grove Karl Gilbert, Daniel Barringer and Eugene Shoemaker on Meteor Crater. Includes actual artifacts associated with each pioneer.

Earth at Risk? ~ This giant telescope enables you to view simulated meteor showers as earth passes through dust from comet’s tail.

Impact Earth ~ View the ten youngest and the ten largest craters on earth. How layers of gasses protect the earth from impacts today.

Craters of the Moon ~ Major craters can be spotted with ordinary binoculars. Display identifies many of the moon’s impact sites.

Other Great Meteor Crater Exhibits

Color Elements of the Universe ~ Ceiling exhibit at the Learning Center entry visually and audibly depicts the history of the formation of the Universe.

The Sky is Falling ~ News panel and statue of newsboy announcing meteor impact, Croatia in 1751 and Germany in 1492.

Who Can Guess My Weight? ~ Test your knowledge on weights of a motorcycle, car and horse compared to that of the Holsinger meteorite.

Put Yourself at Ground Zero ~ Mini-theater lets you experience the Meteor Crater impact as it spews 175 million tons of material out of the crater.

IMPACT~ Lets you select the elements, density, diameter, velocity and angle of descent to create your own digital crater.

50,000 Year Old Laboratory ~ How to confirm that you have actually discovered a crater.

Crater Location Spotter ~ Highlights 21 special points of interest and soil types within the Crater.

Comet ShoemakerLevy-9 ~ Progressive images and animation of the famous comets impacting Jupiter in 1994.

Crater View ~ Daniel Barringer’s sectional view of Meteor Crater including 1376 foot deep shaft at base used in an attempt to locate the non-existent primary meteorite.

Predicting Close Encounters ~ Tracking meteor and comet paths and their projected proximity when passing earth.

Rogue’s Gallery ~ Shows tracking of ten potentially hazardous objects that passed disturbingly close to earth in 2002.

Mars Panels ~ Startling photos of craters, volcanoes, moons on Mars, plus spacecraft landings on the Red Planet.

The Death of T-Rex ~ What caused the extinction of 70% of earth’s plant and animal life in the distant past? Was this the result of a giant meteor impact?

Surf’s Up! ~ What happens when meteors fall into the ocean?

On the Crater Floor ~ Apollo astronauts training site from 1963 through 1970 as a result of Meteor Crater’s moonlike surface. Have your picture taken with a lunar module pilot in a simulation of the floor of the crater.

A Galaxy of Craters ~ Depicts collisions and impacts on Mercury, Venus, Mars and earth’s moon in pictures taken from five different spacecraft.