Lookout Points

Discovery Center Observation Deck

Four Lookout Points feature spectacular views of Meteor Crater and the breathtaking desert landscape. You can enjoy these outdoor areas or take in an incredible view of the Crater from inside the air-conditioned comfort of the Discovery Center.

Observation Deck

The first observation area is immediately behind the Discovery Center. There are benches so you can rest while taking in all the details of the Crater. We have two telescopes here available for sightseeing all the details.

Moon Mountain

Moon Mountain is the highest Observation area. It is accessed by the sidewalk that goes up dramatically to the left as you stand behind the Discovery Center looking at the Crater. The observation deck is accessed by going down the path behind the Discovery Center. It has several fixed telescopes for you to look at specific items of interest.

The Lower Ramada

The Lower Ramada is accessed by turning right and continuing down the steps when you reach the Observation Deck.