Guided Rim Tours

Walk on the Edge with the Experts

Learn about the history and Impact Science behind this incredible natural landmark. Listen and learn while The Meteor Crater Tour Guides retell the 50,000 year-old stories and geologic impact created from this rare event.

You’ll see how the south crater wall is noticeably uplifted, showing how sandstone and limestone beds, which were once deeply buried, are now more than 250 feet above their pre-impact levels and higher than anywhere else at the crater.

The Mystery of the Meteor Crater

Learn how Arizona’s dry climate has helped preserve The Crater, keeping it almost unchanged since its formation. Get acquainted with the different kinds of creatures and flora that surround the impact site and get up close and personal to this natural wonder while hiking on the edge of the rim.

You will also learn about impact processes that played a prominent role in the development of our planets, satellites, asteroids, and comets. The geologic and planetary records are clear, collisions ranging in size from microscopic to gigantic events have occurred since the beginning of the solar system and this is your chance to walk on the rim of the best-preserved meteorite impact site on earth! It’s an easy 30-40 minute hike and will give you a great perspective on how the earth was forever changed after impact.