Discovery Center & Space Museum

Get Hands-On At the Discovery Center

Visitors can choose to experience and explore the Crater in an air-conditioned indoor viewing area, outside on one of the observation decks, on our self-guided trails, or take a tour along the rim where you can learn about all the details from one of our experienced tour guides. The Meteor Crater is a lot more than just the world’s best-preserved meteorite impact site, the Interactive Discovery Center boasts hands-on exhibits and displays where you can immerse yourself into the science and history of meteorite impacts around the globe.

History of the Meteor Crater

These exhibits offer visitors a historical review of Daniel Barringer and how Meteor Crater was founded, how the meteor impacted the land, the devastation that followed, and the role Meteor Crater played in earth and science studies. In addition, learn about other meteorite impact sites and mysteries, like the Siberian Explosion of 1908, craters on the moon, and sightings from around the world. Come see and feel the surface of the massive 1,406 lb. Holsinger Meteorite, the largest specimen ever found at Meteor Crater. Identify the difference between asteroids, comets, meteors, meteoroids, and meteorites, and see the ten youngest and largest craters on earth and how we can protect the planet from future impacts.