Gift & Mineral Shop

Commemorate Your Trip to the Crater

A trip to Meteor Crater & Barringer Space Museum wouldn’t be complete without spending some time at our Souvenir Gift & Mineral Shop. Enjoy roaming through our expansive array of cool SWAG, gifts, and keepsakes for all things Meteor Crater, Space, Northern Arizona, and Route 66. We’ve got all kinds of things, like t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, mugs, books, space-based kids’ games and toys about geology and science, a large selection of American-Indian art, gems, minerals, space dust, and other interesting things you’ll only find at Meteor Crater.

For All Things Meteor Crater

Carve out enough time to walk around and browse because we’ve got plenty of unique mementos that will serve as a great reminder of your experience at one of the world’s coolest Natural Landmarks!