The world has long been fascinated with the wonder and mysteries of space. Meteor Crater is where space and earth have come together to create the world’s best-preserved, and most acclaimed meteor impact site. For over forty years we have operated a tourist attraction in Western Arizona that allows visitors to see this natural wonder up close as well as offering a museum that teaches them the science and history of meteorites and the role the Crater has played in NASA’s missions to space.

We believe our success is dependent on committed employees who embody our mission to provide a world-class experience to the hundreds of thousands of visitors who come to Meteor Crater Natural Landmark every year.

Join us in building upon this great legacy in Northern Arizona as we continue to grow and enrich Meteor Crater for our guests who come from all over the world to see this fascinating Natural Landmark.

Do you have the right stuff? We hope you join the Meteor Crater Team!

Matthew Kent
President & CEO