4D Theater

The STS Barringer Wants YOU!

You are invited to be part of an important flight mission to save Earth inside our new 4D Experience Room featuring the movie, COLLISION!

To come aboard, you’ll first pass through our top-secret biometric hand scanner for clearance and then get settled into your seats for a memorable mission.

An Exciting Journey Into Space

You’ll join Commander Perseus and First Officer Jackie Lopez as they lead you on this incredible space flight. Be part of the action as you fly down into the Crater and then off in the darkness to intersect an asteroid that is on a collision course with earth. This HD experience with cool special effects and full motion seats, lets you enjoy a one-of-a-kind, immersive 4D experience on this epic journey aboard the STS Barringer. Bring your sense of adventure and buckle up because winning this battle won’t be easy. Let’s blast off!